Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Link Theory Vol. 2

Here's what I've been reading this week.

On the Mind Hacking front:
Michael Lewis talks about the stat revolution coming to the NBA in The No-Stats All-Star.
Po Bronson discusses what's more important: intelligence or effort? in How Not to Talk to Your Kids (The inverse power of praise.)
And I've been reading some new Malcolm Gladwell in How David Beats Goliath.

Please note that I don't like watching NBA basketball (though I do enjoy it when the Nuggets roll over all comers) but I did enjoy all three of these articles.

On the bodyhack front, Johnny Bowden explains why Waist Size Predicts Heart Failure and Dave Tate asks: Are you Sick of your Gym? (parts two-four are very powerlifter-centric).

Coming up: posts on why you should have a home gym, more in the PULSE series, a series about posture and shoes, and a series about memorizing and memory. Stay tuned.

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