Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Game Planning for the remainder of the year

I should be getting my new Kettlebell soon, and my theory is that I will be able to accomplish 200 snatches in 10 minutes with the 24 kg. While I don't consider this out-and-out mastery, I do think it would mark a significant improvement in my wind and endurance.

My idea at that point will be to begin incorporating some of Ross Enamait's finishers from Infinite Intensity and Never Gymless. I will be quite heavy on burpees, sledgehammers, and other kinds of work. My presses will continue in the "Enter the Kettlebell" fashion until I can press about 1/2 of my bodyweight. Due to the ease and convenience of dumbbells over kettlebells, I'll be buying a dumbbell handle once I'm ready to start working with weights over 40kg. At some point, I will probably get a 3 pood/48kg, but it's very much outside of the current budget. So I will stay with the military press/pullup schedule until I can press 110 lbs. At that point, I will proceed until I can do 20 straight pullups/chinups, probably by changing the focus of my workout slightly.

Meanwhile, I will develop my burpee skill until I can do the minimum 20 descending sets as described in a Completely Criminal Exercise Program. This has been one of my goals since I first read the article, and burpees are a nice mix-up from snatches--a pushing "finisher" vs. a pulling finisher. I may have to add in some more lower-body work to compensate for what I'm losing from the swings/snatches.

This would represent a good move forward in terms of upper body strength and wind. Added to my pulling strength, I will have a good base moving forward.

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