Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend Workouts and Fitness Game Update

Another week of Pavel's training. I have to say that this is pretty effective, as I hit a milestone on my hard day. Though I didn't hit all of my pressing sets (did only 32 reps total) I did hit 200 swings with the 20 kg bell in about 8:20. This is pretty impressive to me.

Today, I hit some snatches and presses. And I bought a ton of products.

First, over to Biotest where I picked up some Metabolic Drive, Hot Rox, and Chad Waterbury's "Muscle Revolution".

Then I picked up a new 24 kg/53 pound

I finished my mad purchasing spree with all three of Ross Enamait's products--the "Grand Larceny Pack (TM)". I heard about Ross through Lean and Hungry Fitness, a fantastic blog that isn't updated nearly often enough.

I plan on reviewing all of these products and getting back to you about them.

Fitness Gameupdate:

We remain in a dead lock:
Kaliden: 22
Parker: 21
Thalayli: 20

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