Monday, January 7, 2008

Monetizing Blog

At this point, I know I don't have an audience to appease. That's all right. This is probably the first and last time I'm going to talk about this.

Here's why I'm monetizing my blog:
It was easy.
I'm curious.
And it will give you, dear (future) reader, a way to purchase all of the products I'm talking about.

Now we all know that you can rock a google search as well as anyone, otherwise you wouldn't be here. So it's not like you have to buy through my links. But I'm only recommending products that I myself use, through retailers that I, myself, use. It's not like I'm a pro blogger or anything, but it certainly doesn't hurt. And if you're going to buy something anyway, might as well help Parker out, right?

Anyway. I consider this discussion closed, so if you think I'm being a shill, you can comment on this post.


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