Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Workouts 9-12

Workout 9, Saturday

Heavy, more of the same, worked up to 5 sets x (1,2,3) reps + 6 minutes with the 20kg 'bell. 60 reps per hand plus 10 two-handers because I tore my hand a little bit.

Music: Kodo, Sai-so

Workout 10, Sunday
Light, and again, 5 singles with the 32's plus pullups. 4 minutes easy with two-hand swings, did sixty without much of a problem. Would have liked to work technique, but I think with a bit more training, I'm totally there for this "Rite of Passage" thing.

Music: Led Zeppelin, Mothership

Workout 11, Monday
Walked for 45 minutes or so, doing a quick and easy set of 6 pullups in the middle. Created a new pull up rotation during my walk that goes like this for each KB workout:

Roll 1D6 (one, six sided die)
1: Narrow pull ups (palms away)
2: Medium pull ups
3: Wide pull ups
4: Mixed-Grip chins (one palm facing, one away)
5: Narrow Chinups (palms facing and touching)
6: Medium Chinups (just wider than shoulders)

Workout 12, Tuesday
Variety workout: rolled a 12 and did a sledgehammer workout, 15 minutes of Shovelglove and 30 minutes of stretching and movement exercises. No music tonight.

Update on Fitness Game

Kaliden: scored 8 for a total of 15
Parker: scored 8 for a total of 14
Thalayli: scored 8 for a total of 13

Very close at this point.

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